Data Engineering

Performance Analytics

Our team is dedicated to providing simple and comprehensive Extract, Load, and Transform processes using next generation cloud computing solutions. Engineered for actionable insights and enhanced marketing capabilities for data analytics

Cloud Overview

Read directly from your data warehouse

Great insights are built by teams that have control over their data. Go beneath the surface to learn which features are popular, who your power users are, and the behaviors tied to long-term retention. Build funnels, see top user flows, create cohorts.

extract data

Data extraction is the process of transporting your data from multiple different sources into one centralized database.


Data transformation allows organizations to turn data from various locations and formats into actionable insights


Data visualization makes it easier to translate, identify, and analyze large data sets from multiple different sources.

Cloud Ingestion

Simplified data ingestion

The data ingestion process is the first step in controlling the flow of your data. Data Ingestion also known as extraction is the process of transporting your data from multiple different sources into one centralized database. Once it is stored in a database, the data can be accessed, used, and analyzed for insights and optimization. The data ingestion layer is the backbone of any analytics architecture and most important step. However, data ingestion can quickly become a complex process and comes with a lot of challenges. Our team helps simplify the process using extraction tools that requires a lot of prepping and transforming. We can work with your team to get the right kind of data into your database so you can focus on more important tasks.

"We've seen a 40% productivity from shifting our data processes. Increasing the availability and accuracy of our data"
- Mike Thompson CMO, Kid Hiro


Powerful reports to answer any question

Data transformation can increase the efficiency of analytic and business processes and enable better data-driven decision-making. Data from different sources can be merged to create denormalized, enriched information, which can be refined into a dashboard,so that business and technical teams can speak the same language and collaborate, with the right context at their fingertips.